Global Data Privacy Compliance Solutions

GDPR Compliance, Data breaches and headlines like Cambridge Analytica have driven Personal Data Privacy to center stage.  Compliance is no longer about showing due-diligence, it’s about data privacy and protecting individuals rights.  Now more than ever organizations need a platform that can help PROVE COMPLIANCE.  If that sounds like something you could use then let us show you what we can do.

Compliance Assessments & Readiness

Analyze your organizations’ readiness against new regulations.  Assess compliance levels quickly and efficiently.  Visualize risks and generate compliance reports on demand from anywhere.

Vendor Risk Management

Survey and assess vendor compliance automatically

Data Subject Access Request Portal

One click Data Subject Access Request portal with built-in notifications and compliance monitoring.

Incident and Breach Management

Real-Time Incident and Breach Response, analyze risk to individual data subjects, and notify the appropriate authorities automatically.  Address mass data subject breach notification distribution at scale.

DPIA & PIA Management

DPIA & PIA Pre-Assessments and DPIA assessments that align directly with your processing activities.  Easy to use, and always up to date.

Data Processing Activity Registry

Survey, Analyze and Report on all organizational processing activities in minutes.  Delegate activity data collection across multiple roles and

Generate “DPA Ready” Processing Activity Registers with detailed process information at the click of a button.

Compliance Advisors

Need a Technical or Legal Advisor who can walk you through the minefield of complex global compliance requirements?

We have a team of experts on hand to address all of your compliance needs.

DPO Services

We offer DPO (Data Privacy Officer) services for qualified organizations.

Qualified, Trained, Experienced Data Privacy Officers with a maximum number of assigned clients set well below any competitor.

Experts in compliance requirements, DPIA/PIA Processes, Training, Communications, and Media Relations.

You won’t find a better DPO anywhere, guaranteed.

Compliance Conditioning

Bringing your team up to speed on compliance requirements or developing awareness training materials can be time-consuming and costly.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  We’ve combined years of experience in training, team facilitation, and our industry-leading experts to develop a training program that will have your team up to speed quickly and effectively.  If that’s not enough, soon we’ll be offering a solution for real-time compliance testing that will test your users in a practical manner based on their daily workflow.

Sign Up Today!

For one low monthly price, you can receive full access to the entire suite of capabilities or select the features you need.  No ad’s, no pushy salespeople, and no consultants required.  Our platform includes:

100% GDPR Compliant Processing Registry With DPA Approved Reports

Data Subject Access Request Portal with Real-Time and Scheduled Notifications

Access to our Sensitive Data Discovery Tools: Scan, Analyze, Remediate (Prove your compliance)